Masculine hygiene For the modern man. If it has to do with making men feel clean, chivalrous and courageous, Moshinz has got you covered. Our range of body washes, gels and moisturiser products cater to your every need.

Male Hygiene Powder

A fragrance free powder for men, containing corn starch with added Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oils to absorb moisture and protect against chafing and unpleasant odours in the groin area. May also be used in all other folds and creases of the skin where abundant perspiration occurs.

Male Sensitive Wash

A mild, moisturising, fragrance free wash for everyday male hygiene. With cucumber extract for added freshness in sensitive areas. For general use, especially before and after sexual activity, after exercise or whenever needed to feel clean and confident.


Male Soap

A mild, fragrance free soap for your intimate areas. Enriched with glycerine for added freshness and hygiene. Use daily, before and after sexual intercourse, after exercise or sport and whenever needed to feel clean and confident.

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